Unlike most marketing firms, our firm focuses completely on establishing and training a team of outsourced sales and marketing professionals. We are able to build and develop strong working connections with our clients' customers by working face-to-face with them and establishing trust, which is the foundation of every successful business and any sales transaction.
Yes. We are always looking to hire top talent and are actively accepting applications. Please submit your application via our “careers” page or by emailing us a copy of your resume at hr@crushcityinnovations.com and if we decide to move forward in the application process, we will reach out to you via phone or email to set-up an interview.
Yes! We feel that a well-informed and competent staff is what has gotten us to where we are now as the leader in marketing and sales. We are proud of our management training and our commitment to producing future leaders, therefore we are delighted to offer a paid training session that includes marketing, sales, entry-level management, customer service, and promotional events.
Unlike other marketing agencies, we have the ability to meet and build relationships with our clients' customers in person, allowing us to form long-term relationships. Our clients rely on customer retention to expand their businesses, and we can ensure that by using our tried-and-true marketing plan. Our marketing strategies have been shown to boost efficiency and production for our clients, which is why we currently collaborate with some of the nation's top business leaders.
We do pay commission, but it's on top of your base hourly/salary wages. The starting salary is determined by prior experience and background. Each of our job posts will include a salary range for each role and its negotiable during the interview process.